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Hello my name is Amy,

I´m very sexual and I´m in love with sucking dick and playing with my sextoys. I really enjoy doing videos, taking Pictures and showing up while having fun. If there´s anything you would like to see, or you need some advice message me! I´m pretty sure there´s a lot of fun awaiting us.

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New Toy New Luck!
 Posted on May 02, 2017

Hey guys watch out my new MATE, I think he´s pretty nice for sure talented getting me loud and louder at night ;-P


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Fuck what has driven me doi...


I was perhaps much too receptive this evening, as my sister's husband came over in need for comfort, because my sister is such a screw. Well I did not plan serving my pussy to him how the hell do I confess now?

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Will you resist without cum...


When I get up on you, moving slowly and delicately with my hips, until your whole rod is sunk into my greedy cunt? Will you make me pregnant while I'm riding you?

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OMG, lost the bet!!


Yes, I lost and now we´ll be fucking watched by all who are at this location too, I am feeling my good friend´s cock so well, and I tell you something, it makes me awesome horney to be watched, a great feeling!

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Is this your horny cock?


Yeah, your fat tool, I am relishing inserting into my smacking pussy. Do you already feel my horny cunnyjuice on your balls?

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World Cup game Blown off???


Do not ask me why we were both naked, my plan was to really skip the second half-time and get mounted right trough! Well, but often things change to others, and women are easily dispensable during World Cup time...

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Massage for teeny pussy!!


In case of muscular tension a massage is the best solution... So I have acutely massaged my small tight pussy! Stress reduction 100% successfuly :) Massage for teeny pussy!!

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